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The Largest Computer in the Universe

How can we simulate - i.e. create a computer program that generates - the Universe that we live in? How can we simulate everything that we see or feel in this world and everything that exits in our and all other solar systems and galaxies...the sun, the stars, the satellites, the asteroids, the cosmic dust, everything that is contained in this universe? All information contained in our universe is at least equal to googol bits, i.e. 10100 bits. Therefore, to simulate our universe we need a computer memory that can store at least googol bits. From where can we get such a giant memory? It's easy. We simply need to find - or, manufacture - a black hole that stretches one tenth of a light year across, i.e. 946 billion kilometers, so that it can store googol bits. This would be the largest computer in the universe, one that simulates the universe itself.

Reference: In Search of the Multiverse by John Gribbin

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