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Are You Better Than a Goldman Sachs Trader? ©

Quiz Venue: Bloomberg, 27th Floor, Cheung Kong Centre, Central, Hong Kong
Date: 26th November, 2012

Ever since Robert Rubin hired Fischer Black to work for Goldman Sachs in 1984, the firm has been at the forefront of innovation in financial products. Nobody can deny the fact that Goldman Sachs has more or less single handedly revolutionized the world of Quantitative Finance. The last two decades have belonged to the Physics Ph.D.s and rocket scientists on Wall Street; but, Ph.D. or no Ph.D., “brilliance” and “creativity” cannot be acquired. These human attributes come with the guy, they come with the territory. We believe, like the code writer at Google, a Goldman trader – or, for that matter, a Goldman quant – is simply brilliant. Now, the question is, Are You Better Than a Goldman Sachs Trader?

This signature quiz program has been designed by CFE School, Risk Latte Americas Inc., and aims to filter out the very best in the field of quantitative finance.

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