Risk Latte - Back to School – Quiz #1

Back to School – Quiz #1

Team Latte
September 7, 2009

  1. What is common between Google search and yield curve modelling in Finance?

    a) Both can be solved as an Eigenvector problem;
    b) Both involve finding roots of a cubic equation
    c) Both make use of differential topology
    d) Nothing

  2. String Theory is part of:

    a) Quantitative Finance
    b) Evolutionary Biology
    c) Pyschology
    d) Quantum Mechanics

  3. "Himalayan Option" is:

    a) a kind of financial derivative
    b) a draft treaty between India, China and Russia;
    c) a deep space probe developed by NASA in 2005
    d) a collection of contemporary poems by a very famous Austrian poet

  4. "Look back time" is a concept in:

    a) Cosmology (physics)
    b) Metaphysics
    c) Financial Derivatives
    d) Algorithmic complexity (computer science)

  5. Who amongst the following is a very famous European philosopher who was responsible for inventing coordinate geometry in mathematics and talked about “mind body dualism”?

    a) Gottfried Leibniz
    b) Rene Descartes
    c) Baruch Spinoza
    d) Immanuel Kant

  6. Who is the odd man out:

    a) Paul Wilmott
    b) John Hull
    c) Mark Rubenstein
    d) Nassim Taleb

  7. One of the first economists to draw a parallel between economic development and biological evolution was:

    a) Paul Samuelson
    b) Kenneth Boulding
    c) Martin Feldstein
    d) None of the above

  8. Who amongst the following is generally considered as the Father of Paleontology?

    a) Georges Cuvier
    b) John "Jack" R. Horner
    c) Gideon Algernon Mantell
    d) Stephen Jay Gould

  9. Who amongst the following is a leading opponent of corporate globalization and whom the New Yorker magazine has judged as “most visible and influential figure on the American left — what Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky were thirty years ago.”

    a) George Clooneys
    b) Naomi Klein
    c) Joel Bakan
    d) None of the above

  10. Genetic algorithms are used in

    a) Hormone mapping in Genetics
    b) Optimization and Search problems in computer science
    c) Behavioural studies in Psychology
    d) None of the above

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