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Over the next year, CFE School, the Learning and Education division of Risk Latte Americas Inc.,, will be organizing a series of Quantitative Finance and Financial Engineering seminars and workshops as part of the CFE Lecture Series to improve and enhance advanced quantitative and mathematical modeling skills of all those who are enrolled in the Certificate in Financial Engineering (CFE) Course and attending classes at various global locations. These seminars and workshops will also help all those appearing for the CFE Level 2 Exam.

Salient features of these Quantitative Finance seminars would be:

  • They would be delivered totally in ExcelTM/VBA rapid application development environment. ExcelTM/VBA RAD environment will ensure that all content and deliverables of these seminars are done on ExcelTM spreadsheets.
  • The topics of these seminars would be highly topical and advanced to vary advanced in nature and would relate directly to what is being done in the front and middle office of large global banks and financial institutions.
  • The duration of these seminars / workshops would be very short, ranging from 2 hours to 4 hours (with a short coffee and refreshment break).

CFE School´┐Żs upcoming seminars are:

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