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Risk Latte Americas Inc. (“Risk Latte”) is in the space of Social Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The two broad areas of focus of Risk Latte are: 

  • Social Learning and Gamification
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Risk Latte is developing unique and innovative social learning applications and technologies to combine with its existing e-learning solutions and content (in the fields of finance, engineering, computer science, physical sciences, etc.) to create unique and disruptive education models for school children, college and university students as well as young adults. The company is engaged in developing mobile apps and web-based platforms that harness the power of peer group (students and young adults) and social participation in fun-filled and entertaining activities to acquire knowledge, including advanced knowledge in respective fields, and skills. A key component of this development process is the application of gamification and game playing models and algorithms to learn and develop skills. 

  • Development of mobile apps and educational games (web-based and app based), including peer-to-peer online quizzes and multiplayer games, with gamification strategies (points, rewards, points based free gifts, etc.) with the objective of combining fun, entertainment and learning.
  • Development of gamification strategies and technology applications for e-commerce, hiring professionals, performance evaluation in schools, colleges and organizations.
  • Online University (running and distributing conventional as well as cross-disciplinary and innovative educational and professional courses for students and young adults) powered by social learning.


Risk Latte has built a large repository of proprietary machine learning algorithms and source code (computer programs), especially, deep learning, genetic and biological algorithms and metaheuristic algorithms, primarily for applications in the domains of finance, banking, education and systems biology.  In the short run, near to medium term, the Company aims to be:

  • A leader or a pioneer in development and application of commercially viable, smart and efficient machine learning software, especially those that are predicated on genetic and other evolutionary algorithms and deep learning algorithms, for the asset management industry (portfolio management, asset allocation models, stock trading) and banking (credit risk management, capital markets solutions, etc.).
  • Create a smart, artificially intelligent bank that completely runs online and performs all the functions of a physical bank.
  • Develop solutions for engineers and scientists using machine learning algorithms and software.
  • Become a leader or a pioneer in the field of mathematical oncology and systems biology by employing machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms and techniques to study various diseases and evolutionary processes in nature. 
  • Develop state of the art educational courses in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence with applications in the fields of finance, banking, engineering, physical sciences and biology.


John Maynard Keynes famously said, “In the long run we are all dead.” That is of course true. But a company lives on, and if things fall into place, then it can live on forever. So, where do we see Risk Latte going in 20, 50 or even 100 years from now? This may seem like an exercise in futility for many of us, but we need to dream for our children and grandchildren.

Besides all of the above goals and objectives, in the long run, we believe that the Company will aim to become:

  • A pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) research and development and creating commercially viable AI software solutions for banks, financial institutions, healthcare and medical professionals, educationists and the academia.
  • A virtual, recreational and learning resort where people, with online lives, will meet, shop, learn, study, play games and have fun. 
  • Be actually run by AI, thereby becoming the first or one of the first few companies to be completely managed by AI. In other words: human owners, AI managers.

Risk Latte Americas Inc.
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