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Risk Latte Americas Inc., needs two exceptionally bright Financial Engineers to join its team in Hong Kong . The following are the details of the position.

Essential Experience and Requirements - You need these for sure

  • Hands-on experience in C/C++, Visual Basic and preferably MathematicaTM, Java and Fortran;
  • Complete proficiency and excellent working knowledge of Excel and VBA;
  • Work experience of 1 - 2 years in Computer Programming in the industry or research in academia or industry;
  • Must have excellent English language (both written and oral) skills;

Qualifications - It is good if you have these, but if you don't you can still apply

  • Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering or Electrical Engineering;
  • Master's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics or Biology;

Candidate Profile - What we are looking for

  • Must have a strong love or affinity for music, poetry or outdoor activities;
  • Someone who loves to think and can spend hours doing nothing but thinking and who can think as if there was never a box;
  • Graduates who dropped out of school for a few years to do something else like go on an extended vacation, do social service or start a rock band; if someone has not finished school (totally dropped out) but thinks he/she likes the job profile and has a passion for any of the above subjects and is currently a programmer in the industry then he/she can still apply;
  • Someone who loves ExcelTM spreadsheets, and not merely uses it as a tool.

What we are definitely NOT looking for

  • MBAs; therefore MBAs please don't respond to this advert;
  • Any emphasis on academic grades - a test would be given by us to all candidates regardless of their background to assess to their aptitude and as a part of the selection process;
  • Someone who is in love with or has fascination for a suit and PowerPointTM.

What we offer

  • Basic salary which is above average (salary will be indexed to the entry level salaries in banks and investment banks in Hong Kong ) plus medical insurance plus company housing plus provident fund;
  • Participate in a long term stock options scheme;
  • Freedom, lots of freedom to think and create;
  • Position based in Hong Kong ;

If you are interested then please apply to team@risklatte.xyz or call Anna Cho +852 3752 0619. (If you based outside Hong Kong then we will would like to hold a phone interview with you and if selected we will invite you to come to Hong Kong to take the selection test).