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Classes For Everyone (CFE) is a unique initiative by Risk Latte to establish an educational entity that imparts state of the art, online education in the fields of finance, financial engineering, computational mathematics, systems biology, mathematical oncology, machine learning and artificial intelligence and many other disciplines to high school, college and university students as well as industry professionals. CFE School , the Learning and Education division of Risk Latte aims to deliver online education in these disciplines in an online social learning environment combining the conventional elements of MOOC (massive online open source courses) with online educational games, online quizzes and competitions, peer-to-peer grading and assessment and smart technologies, such as robotic teaching assistant amongst others.

Subject Areas or Disciplines in Which Courses Are Offered

CFE School currently offers state of the art, signature online courses in these broad areas:

Machine Learning courses are geared towards real life areas, i.e. application of machine learning to finance and financial markets, systems biology and oncology and engineering.

Course Environment

All courses are designed and delivered in Excel/VBA, C++, FORTRAN and Python programming environments and the bulk of the course materials comprises Excel/VBA spreadsheets, C++ and Python computer programming code. Focus of all the courses are on solving real life problems and all courses are developed by industry professionals in top global companies and academicians in top schools and universities around the world.

Course Curriculum, Course Materials and assessment

Courses run by CFE School have open ended curriculum, which means the not only the curriculum outline but the body of the course content – the course materials – are continuously expanding. Given the significant research going on in the relevant disciplines new topics are continuously added to the curriculums and new course materials are continuously developed. Course content is being continuously expanded, both vertically (new topics) and horizontally (more materials in the same topic).

Each course contains a huge body of course materials with large repertoire of Excel/VBA spreadsheets, VBA, C++ and Python code, lecture and research notes. This body of course content is a every expanding one creating a huge reservoir of course materials.

CFE has no exams and no instructors. The school follows a unique method, or, the Alternative Assessment Method (AAM), to assess and grade students and participants registered in its courses. To learn more about how students are assessed and graded, including online assessment,click here.


Anyone can register for any of the courses, or multiple courses, by paying an annual subscription fee. The subscription can be renewed annually.

Courses run by CFE School are extremely competitively priced (annual subscription fee for a course can be as low as US$25 for segments of target audience in developing countries) to make it affordable to all and sundry around the world, including students and professionals in the developing and emerging markets in Asia, Africa and the Latin America. The objective of the school is not only make basic and intermediate level courses but also the most advanced and the state-of-the-art courses in the above-mentioned disciplines available and affordable to every single high school, college and university student and working professional in this world. Let no one miss out on high quality education because he or she could not pay for it.

To see the annual subscription fee of the courses,click here.

Registration (Sign Up) and Certification

To subscribe for a course, or multiple courses, simply register for the course by creating an account and choosing the course from the relevant course from the course menu. To create your account and to subscribe to a course click here.

During the subscription period, or at any time within 3 years after the expiry of a student’s current subscription, he or she can request to be graded and assessed (as per the AAM standards and protocol see here) in the respective course and apply for the Certificate in that course. Based on and subject to the grades and assessment of the AAM protocol and standards the CFE School will award the Certificate to the student.

To see a full listing of all our courses together with the broad curriculum and fees,click here.

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