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CFE Executive Committee


Certificate in Financial Engineering (CFE) course and the CFE Exam, both Level 1 and Level 2, would be governed and supervised by a team of members drawn from top tier global banks and financial institutions, most of who would themselves be CFE graduates. This would be the CFE Executive Committee ("the CFE ExComm"). CFE ExComm members would be de facto administrators of the CFE School.

Some of the key responsibilities of the CFE ExComm would be:

  • To oversee the CFE course and ensure that it is delivered according to industry best practices and the high standards of the CFE School developed over the years;
  • To design and develop the CFE Curriculum, for the CFE course and the CFE Exam;
  • To oversee and govern the CFE Exam and to ensure that the exam is delivered and administered in a fair and proper manner while maintaining the high standards of the CFE School;
  • To vet and supervise the CFE Exam questions and to set benchmarks for the CFE Level 1 and Level 2 exam;
  • To audit the results of the CFE Exam;
  • To have oversight over all matters pertaining to ethics and compliance related to the CFE course and the CFE Exam.


The following are the current members of the CFE ExComm:

  1. Xavier Ducros
    CFE Graduate
    European Head of Structuring

  2. Boris Mangal
    CFE graduate
    FX Options Trader
    RBC Capital Markets

  3. Lynn Raebsamen
    CFE graduate
    Commodity Analytics
    Hong Kong

  4. Michael Tam
    CFE Graduate
    Middle Office, Credit Suisse
    Hong Kong

  5. Olivier Besson
    CFE graduate
    Market Risk Management
    Barclays Capital
    Hong Kong

  6. Kodjo Komlanvi
    Senior Quantitative Analyst
    Quantitative Analysis & Structuring
    PSEG Power
    Newark, NJ

  7. Andrew Lee
    CFE graduate
    Executive Director
    Guosen Asset Management
    Hong Kong

  8. Rajat Bhatia
    Founder, Neural Capital
    Formerly at Lehman Brothers &
    Citibank Asset Management

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